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2013-03-01- DE – Muenster - Sputnikhalle

Holy shit! What a package! Three of my favorite bands that couldn’t be more difficult musically, together on tour, on one stage. Someone must have heard my prayers. Or so. A triple A evening, no, an evening of awesomeness. Call me Cheshire Cal from now on ;)

:: Cologne :: Esch-sur-Alzette ::

For LONG DISTANCE CALLING it is the first headliner tour, which starts - of course - in Muenster and is also the record release party for the band’s new album The Flood Inside. This show was fucking sold out and I am sure, that will be not the last one on this 3 weeks running European tour. Guess what. Yes, one show is of course not enough for me. Can I ever get enough of these bands? I doubt…

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Back to LONG DISTANCE CALLING’s hometown show. It is a Friday evening, and this day is packed, leaving hardly time to take a breath. Organized chaos reigns the Sputnikhalle, merch boxes pile up, stage settings and soundcheck take longer. Unfortunately SÓLSTAFIR arrived with 2 broken guitars, another problem that needed to be solved. Me, I and myself bustles around, helps a little bit here, does an interview there and still grins being completely stocked.

The run was immense. People were still caught in the cold and queuing when :: AUDREY HORNE :: kicked of belated. But once started peeps rushed in and filled the hall quickly. The Norwegian cats got in with Redemption Blues, the opener of the band’s brand new and excellent album Youngblood and played almost all songs (8 out of 10 to be exactly). All I can say is: AUDREY HORNE burnt the stage, rocked the house, wracked and ruined… hahaha. It was a hell of a show. Pure energy. Pure rock’n’roll. Incredible! Next to the material AUDREY HORNE also introduced their new bass player Espen Lien, who adds an extra portion of drive, visually as well as regarding vocal. Well done! It was obvious that many attendees didn’t know AUDREY HORNE but were wowed on the spot. Great show, great kick-off!
Setlist: Redemption Blues, Youngblood, Pretty Little Sunshine, This Ends Here, There Goes A Lady, The King Is Dead, Straight Into Your Grave, Blaze Of Ashes

Next up is :: SÓLSTAFIR :: and thus a complete turn-over musically. Thanks to Audrey Horne they can use their replacement guitars, they honor with the second song Svartir Sandar. And again they deliver one of these magically intensive shows, way too short of course. Well, I guess I’d nag even if they play a 2 hrs set. A girl in the front row was swinging an Icelandic flag singer Aðalbjörn Tryggvason took over for a while.
Setlist: Náttfari Intro, Ljós I Stormi, Svartir Sandar, Fjára, Goddess Of The Ages

Short break while it is getting really, really packed and crowded. You stand were you got stuck. No room to move. :: LONG DISTANCE CALLING :: get off the grid with Nucleus, a new track from The Flood Inside and master the crowd in a twinkling of an eye. The title track introduces new and permanent singer Martin "Marsen" Fischer who had sort of a hidden place but never stood still. Another novelty was the micro on stage for guitarist Florian and bass player Jan to take a chance for some announcement. Don’t think that I have seen a micro on stage during their shows in the past? Hmmm… Anyway, mood is rompish, the response frenetic. When LONG DISTANCE CALLING finish their first encore and leave the stage they are already over the time but yet come back for another encore, the very song LONG DISTANCE CALLING wrote together: Fire In The Mountain, after a short discussion and a huge chorus of whistles, while the disco kiddies already pour in. One thing that still surprises me is the fact how much response and success surprises the band. I mean, they should be used to it meanwhile, and though, it seems they still get kicked out of socks, always again…
Setlist: Waves Intro, Nucleus, The Figrin D'an Boogie, The Flood Inside, Black Paper Planes, Ductus, Tell The End, Arecibo (Long Distance Calling), Aurora, The Man Within, Metulsky Curse Revisited // Apparitions // Fire In The Mountain

That’s the very last song and ends a wonderful concert evening. Fans overrun the merchandise, while the disco starts with people and music getting on nerves. But well, that’s something I know from other clubs after a weekend show too. Money rules the world. I anyway am much looking forward for the next tour edition in Cologne :)


story & pics © Dajana